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Photos&GIFs with Mike and Cleopatra

As I reflect on the experience that inspired this blog, I realize that I have been lucky enough to participate in several similar sensuous encounters over the years. I would be thrilled to recount some of them…

During an extended evening at my friend’s home in Chelsea, I had the pleasure of engaging in an intimate massage with four men. My client and his three closest friends joined me in the big drawing room, where we sat half-undressed in a circle. At first, we were cautious and reserved, but as our carnal desires began to surface, we explored and examined one another. We communicated with carefully selected words, gauging who was ready to take things further and who required more time..

Although one would assume that this would be every man’s ultimate fantasy, not all four participants were equally invested. One remained an observer throughout the entire evening, while another was slightly hesitant but still adventurous. The third was relaxed, direct, and fun-loving, while my client was completely in his element, as always. As our group experience progressed, the sexual energy fluctuated like waves in a rousing ocean. Despite relying on plenty of alcohol for courage, the four men worked hard to exude confidence. I did my best to make the shy person feel at ease and to encourage those who needed a little nudge. I hope that they still fondly remember the sensation of my naked body purring as I moved from one person to another on the floor.

Unlike the previous foursome I had just two days ago… Wow! It was amazing to witness Mike’s powerful and intense connection with Cleopatra right in front of us, almost like watching the best porn movie, but it was so much more than that.

However, before I delve into this incredible experience, let me share a few more details about previous foursomes and fivesomes that have been just as thrilling and exhilarating.

At my apartment, my girlfriend and I were entertaining a client accompanied by two male escorts, one of whom was bisexual and the other gay. The reasons for our gathering were not entirely clear, but the desire to watch two men together seemed to be a common one. As I observed the scene unfolding before me, I couldn’t help but feel like I had fallen down the rabbit hole into Alice’s Wonderland. In my apartment, anything was possible, and the sense of harmony among us all was enchanting. The three of us sat on my bed and watched as the two men before us engaged in steamy, passionate acts. While this situation might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I found it to be utterly delicious, uniquely different, and deeply arousing. Even now, as I reflect on these memories, I feel the same thrilling energy coursing through my veins. I suppose I should take a cold shower before resuming my writing later…

I received an invitation from a married couple to their beautiful home in Pimlico on a summer evening. I was excited to meet my new partners in crime and engage in a steamy threesome. Unfortunately, halfway through the session, the lady began to feel unwell and had to stop.

Headed to the bathroom, giving the couple some privacy to discuss the situation. However, upon returning, they informed me that they were unable to continue. Just then, the doorbell rang, and the husband went to answer it, bringing back two exceptionally attractive men who were friends of theirs.

The husband and wife were lounging on the chaise by the bed, and I felt drawn to the two new arrivals. Sensing my curiosity, the husband offered me the choice to stay or leave. I couldn’t resist, and I snuggled playfully between the two men. We began kissing, and as I undressed them and we moved to the bed, the married couple watched, thoroughly enjoying the unexpected turn of events.

I can honestly say that these two men were the most playful and enjoyable partners I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. Unfortunately, I never got their numbers, but sometimes the best experiences happen in the moment and are unplanned.  

Upon my return to the incredible group of four earlier this week, I was fearful that my bed wouldn’t suffice. However, this concern was soon quelled.

Although I had previously been intimate with Mike, it was Cleopatra’s first time with him. Witnessing her unique enthusiasm was amusing and exhilarating. The sight of Mike taking her in was a spectacle to behold. His muscular and tattooed skin contrasted beautifully with her fully exposed ebony form, her fiery red hold-ups waving in the air.

My client and I were mesmerized by this hot and steamy display. When it was my turn with Mike, surrendering control to him was liberating. Cleopatra was right there, her face glowing with pleasure. The entire experience was so mind-blowing that it was difficult to focus on anything for too long.

I savored the sensation of Mike’s heated torso as he kneeled over my client and indulged in a passionate kiss with Cleopatra, all the while delighting in his deft touch on my breast. My other hand encircled his back as we devoured each other’s lips, entranced by the sight of our client gratifying himself while Cleopatra watched with laser focus. As I gently massaged and licked between our client’s legs, my gaze fixated on the raw intensity of Jason’s missionary-style penetration of Cleopatra, her legs elevated and clad in unforgettable deep red thigh-highs. I eagerly anticipate our next reunion to experience it all again.

These were certainly exhilarating times, were they not? Should you ever feel inclined towards a foursome, rest assured that with the three of us, it would be nothing short of a resounding success.

Alternatively, if you have any other creative ideas regarding your threesome fantasies, please do not hesitate to share. As always, I am all ears. Until then, please enjoy a few more GIFs featuring Cleopatra and myself.

With affection,

Elizabeth Escort In London

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