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Experiencing a threesome can be a thrilling and freeing experience as you live out your deepest fantasies. Men can enjoy the company of two women while women can explore their desires with a man and a woman, or two women.

Before planning a threesome, consider your preferences and share them with me. Together, we can create a relaxing and enjoyable scenario, although serendipity can also play a role.

I know a number of reliable and dynamic male and female escorts who are available for this kind of encounter.

Contact me via email and let’s begin this exciting journey. Enjoy yourself!  


From time to time, I enjoy traveling with a respectful and delightful companion, whether it be domestically or internationally. This experience goes far beyond simply having an “erotic friend” in tow; it encompasses social functions, sightseeing excursions, corporate events, and holidays, just to name a few possibilities.

I must mention that I have a penchant for luxury travel- five-star accommodations and business-class arrangements, please. Send me an email with your proposed itinerary, and we can collaborate on crafting a feasible plan.

But travel doesn’t always have to entail jet-setting across the globe. For instance, we could spend a day in and around London, starting with a delightful lunch at 1 PM. Following that, we could indulge in some shopping and sightseeing before winding down with some non-alcoholic cocktails, as I abstain from alcohol. Don’t worry, though – this doesn’t limit the fun we can have together!

Next, we would prepare ourselves for a sumptuous dinner, followed by some private and intimate time at your hotel or place of residence. Once the night draws to a close, we’ll have wonderful memories to last us until our next adventure together.

If this sounds appealing to you, please reach out via email or phone to discuss arrangements.


I engage in role play to a certain extent and have set boundaries. I have declined extreme requests in the past. However, I am willing to participate in enjoyable role play scenarios such as playing the part of a police officer, cleaner or secretary.

It’s crucial to communicate your desires beforehand so I can ensure it aligns with my limits. This helps prevent any misunderstandings and ensures a satisfying experience for both parties.

There is an additional charge of £50 for role play on top of the standard fee. It’s an exciting way to fulfill fantasies that are typically impossible in everyday life.

Tie and tease:

My services include a touch of tie and tease that is entirely distinct from any aspect of SM. I am willing to utilize handcuffs or blindfold you for added thrill, maybe even weave in some role play. To cover the cost of this delightful diversion, I charge an additional £30 on top of my regular fee.

If you are interested in experiencing this type of entertainment, kindly inform me ahead of your scheduled booking along with your preferred play. I’m ecstatic to provide this extraordinary experience for you. Enjoy!


It can be incredibly challenging for lesbian women to find a reliable escort service that allows them to fully embrace their sexuality, indulge their desires, and unwind in a safe and comfortable environment.

As a bisexual woman who enjoys working with lesbian and bisexual clients, I appreciate the unique physical and emotional connections that can be cultivated between two women. Women tend to appreciate taking their time and gradually escalating intimacy, which suits my own approach perfectly.

If you’re looking for a partner who is open and enthusiastic about exploring your deepest desires and fantasies, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via call, text, or email. I’m eager to chat about the things that excite and arouse you, and together we can create a memorable experience tailored to your personal preferences and tastes. Above all else, remember that this experience is designed to celebrate and embrace you in all your sexual glory!