Me & Cleopatra

Me and my Duo Partner

Who doesn’t love threesomes?

It was so much fun when I went to Cleopatra’s a couple of weeks ago. After a nice catch up we changed into sexy lingerie and this is the result…

I am so excited about this photoshoot and so happy I can now share the photos with you.

The essence lies in sparking a delightful idea that three can indeed be a company. Although someone is absent from the images, as you gaze at Naomi and me intertwined in a sensuous, mischievous, and erotic manner, you might consider joining us at times.

Would you like to?

Feel free to contact me at any time, and I’d be delighted to help you with organizing your ideal threesome.

I thoroughly enjoyed capturing these photographs, and eagerly look forward to capturing more. We scrutinized the screen until we were satisfied with our stances and the subtle messages we aimed to convey, then clicked the shutter countless times. By evening, we realized we had reached our limit and called it a day.

After our threesomes, we enjoy recording ourselves as a team to create gifs, impromptu performances, and enticing teasers just for you ❤️ You can expect endless uploads on this page as it keeps expanding…