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Deep love for summer

The scorching heat wave in London has reminded me of my deep love for summer. As I walk through the city, I relish the feel of cool summer dresses against my skin, and eagerly anticipate shedding them for a refreshing shower. There’s nothing quite like sleeping naked on crisp white sheets, a sensation that rivals even the most luxurious vacation.

I have a confession to make: I love going commando and feeling the warm breeze lift my skirt. The attention it draws to my nipples and curves makes me feel deliciously free, harkening back to my love of skinny dipping in the ocean. With everything so tantalizingly close to my skin, I find that even summer kisses and sex are more passionate and intimate. One thing that truly captivates me is seeing a woman confidently braless or with a revealing outfit that partially reveals her breasts. I can’t help but slow down and catch my breath, needing a moment to calm down from the erotic vision before me. But I have another secret: I love being watched. When a man devours me with his eyes, it ignites a fire within me hotter than the midday sun.

The long warm evenings are especially serene, with the last few pinkish-turquoise tones of the sunset colouring the sky. If I’m with a lover, I can’t resist tracing my fingers over his hot muscles as we stroll. Sometimes, I dance for him in silk lingerie with the moonlight spilling in through open windows. The moon, his gaze, and my erotic joy converge, making me wet with desire.
Even though London is beautiful now, I can’t help but crave a Mediterranean getaway. Imagining us having dinner under the shade of trees, talking, laughing, and seducing each other ignites my imagination. As we watch the moon peek through the window and gaze out at the ocean, I can’t resist the temptation to slip into something more comfortable – or nothing at all.

One of my most memorable trips involved a client in Greece. We stimulated our senses all day, soaking up breathtaking views, enjoying delicious food, exploring culture, and indulging in hours of sensual pleasure. Our naked bodies intertwined under the moonlight as it shone through the sliding doors leading to the private pool. It was an experience I will never forget.

If you come with me on holiday, I promise to show you just how much I adore sex on vacation. I’ll skip wearing underwear for you, relishing the feeling of the warm breeze teasing my skirt and watching you catch glimpses of me everywhere we go. It’s a pleasure that I find irresistible, and I can’t wait for us to explore it together.

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